Get your own Cord account

Install the CLI tool and get your Cord credentials

Until now we have been using a sample client token with limited capabilities. It's time to get your own Cord credentials and set up a basic backend integration.

Obtain your credentials #

To use the CLI tool, you will need to enter credentials for your Cord application. To obtain these, visit the Cord console and set up a free account.

You should find that a sample application has already been set up for you - click on this to be taken to your Application ID and secret. You'll use these to initialize the CLI tool in the next step, as well as later on in the guide.

What you will see in the Cord Console

Install the CLI #

Cord has a handy CLI tool which will help you with some of the next steps. The CLI makes it easier to interact with the REST API in a one-off interactive way, as we're about to do.

npm install -g @cord-sdk/cli
cord init
npm install -g @cord-sdk/cli
cord init

After running the commands, follow the instructions to input the keys you obtained in the previous step. You can select no when it asks if you will run any application management commands as you wont need to at this point.

Next Step: Create your first user #

In the next step, you'll create a user for your new app →

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